Professional experimentation - experimentation, advice, consultation

The quality of services is guaranteed by high professional qualification and experiences of our specialists. The competence of the test facility to perform the experiments in an impartial and credible manner, in accordance with the principles of good experimental practice, is documented by the attached GEP certificate.
Demonstration, verification and other trials

• Implementation of experiments in accordance with EPPO methodologies or according to customer’s requirements
• Testing of crop fungicide protection systems
• Special laboratory experiments at the level of testing a specific pathogen
• Cooperation and expert guarantee in the implementation of fungicide demonstration trials – field days, presentation trials, DEMO trials, variety trials

Authorisation (registration) trials

The company is fit to conduct the testing of biological efficacy of Plant Protection Products (PPP) according to principles of Good Experimental Practices – GEP certificate No. 04/C – 07/2021 (available on for following crops and groups of PPP:
Field crops
(cereals, maize, legumes, oil crops, root crops, technical crops, forage crops):
• Fungicides
• Zoocide
• Growth regulators
• Phytotoxicity
Vegetables, root vegetables and curative herbs
• Fungicides
• Zoocide
• Phytotoxicity
Grape, fruit crops and stock
• Fungicides
• Zoocide
• Phytotoxicity

Professional advice and consultations

• Field and laboratory diagnosis of harmful agents
• Determination of pathogen resistance to fungicides
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of crop protection, assessment of yield and production quality losses
• Consultation and advice on plant protection against diseases
• Expert lectures
• Specialised training, seminars, presentations on plant protection
• Specialised training and consultation for early career workers in plant protection companies
• Assessment of technical texts, catalogues, leaflets, publications
• Publication activity, refereeing of scientific and professional publications
• Organisation of professional events with a focus on plant protection